Are you in the closet?

The word in the closet can refer to many different scenarios, Its a word commonly used in the trans community basically because so many CD's (Crossdressers) and TV's (transvestites) etc that are  stuck in the closet. Sadly for many reasons.

Does this sound like you? 

Since I started Girls-Are -Us I have been asked many times if I provide a service where a potential client can come to my house, have a makeover, get dressed and socialise. They don't require a photoshoot mainly because they are in the closet and can't have any evidence of there female side. I totally can understand this situation because I have been there myself. 

Up until now I have said No, mainly because I haven't felt I have had the experience to provide such a service. Now I feel it is the right time in my life to offer such a service. I just feel it is right time in my life as I have experienced a lot in the past few years with Girls -Are-Us and the many interesting stories I have listened to and relating to. 

So I am now glad to introduce a brand new service where you can come to mine and socialise and more importantly you can be yourself. 

What I can offer you and who will be there?

For this service I can offer you a makeover if you want that is, a private room for you to get dressed into your choice of clothes, or you can choose to use my dressing service, and we can find a style that suits you. 

Then once you are dressed we can then go down to my kitchen area or lounge and just relax be yourself. 

I will be accompanied by a very good female friend of mine who also is a makeup artist and very understanding. We will be there for you to express yourself and just listen to you. 

We are "NOT" qualified as counsellors, but what we do have is life experience, some good, some not so good. 

But the main thing is we will be here to listen to YOU.