The service I can provide for you, will be friendly and discreet, welcomed with a happy face in a chilled atmosphere, and that ever  popular cup of tea or cold drink. If you are nervous, please try not to be I was in your shoes once myself. After my makeover I never looked back.

I offer a Cross dressing, makeover and photography service. I basically tailor my service to suit you and the look you would like.

The photography service is designed to bring out your feminine side with certain poses and camera angles. 

The makeup service is designed to bring out your feminine side. You will be surprised when you see you for the first time. You won't recognise yourself as all my clients have said.

The dressing service is to help you find a style that suits you, with help from myself.

All makeovers include false eyelashes.

I have quite a big selection of wig's with many styles to chose from.

I can provide you with a makeover if you are looking for a night out in Bristol.


I now offer makeup lessons.

Please note Girls-Are-Us does NOT provide any sexual service  what so ever.


I'm a City & Guilds qualified makeup Artist. 

Information I would like from you you if you are to use my dressing service.

What size dress are you? If you don't know, your height / weight / chest size & waist size. What size shoe are you? Your age / eye colour. 

All this information will help me provide you with a first class service, and help me prepare beforehand for your special day. 


Discretion always assured.

  Jenny Wave