I have created this page to try and give you the Partner, family   member  & friend a bit of an insight as to why we do what we do. 


"Oh  my goodness"

My husband / fiancee /   boyfriend  / partner / Dad /  Grandfather /  brother /  uncle /  best friend is a  cross dresser !!

I don't know what to think,  I don't know what to do, I would of never expected this from him!!  I don't wish to know anymore, as in my head I have too many questions, but I'm too ashamed of him and  embarrassed  to ask him why???  

"Lets never speak of this again" 

"Woooh, woooooh, woooooooh"

Please Stop their. Your   husband / fiancee /   boyfriend  / partner / Dad /  Grandfather /  brother /  uncle /  best friend  has  probably had this bottled up for years! even since childhood believe it or not.  Just because he dresses   it doesn't make him any different  to the person you have known for years.  You  may have  noticed  it's all about how you   feel and your feeling's and yes I don't blame you, it must be a shock. But when he tells you something he wants to share with you, the reason  he has told you is because he trusts you, loves you and  can't take the pain of  lying  to you anymore. 

"But why does he do it "

I have asked myself this question a million times over the many years I have  cross dressed , and the answer is simple. 

It just feels right to him, and he  enjoys   it.

If that is a crime please lock me up. 

I have given  makeovers  to a  lot of  guys now, all from different walks of life and  religions ! I ask them  all the questions you want to ask them, and they are so happy and confident in giving me their  answers. Best thing is most of the answers I get are all different, which for me personally  I find astonishing!

"Sooooooo, what do you ask them Jenny"

First for me is, how old were you when you first started to cross dress?  From the majority  I have spoken with I would say  70% will say from the age of  4 years old!!   20% in their   teens  the other  10% later in life. In fact the last client  I did   a makeover for was 60 years old! Even I was  gobsmacked . His answer  "I don't know why, I just want to try it" 

"Jenny I want to ask him if he is, ummm, you know? 

"Ummm  No I don't know? 

"Ummmm is he gay/bisexual ?

Ohhhhh right,   because  he cross  dresses  this  automatically   changes   his  sexuality ?  Why do people put  2 & 2  together  and make  31?   but to be fair I can understand why.  

My answer, once again from my  experience , I would say  NO!! 

many guy's I have had the pleasure of giving a makeover have been married and straight. 

I have done  makeovers  for  cross  dressers  that are  gay/bisexual  but  all have been single  or in a loving  relationship. 

"But I still don't get it" 

Chat to him, make him feel more comfortable, this will help you both, trust me I have been there!   even if you are uncomfortable with it, I know its hard for you too, but times that 10 for him, its such a hard thing to do. 

"OK, so why  do you do it  Jenny"

Mind  your own blooming  business!!!  Sorry about that, years of that  question.  And you did ask me  nicely.

I  love  women's   fashion,  I love  how  makeup  can transform a face,  I'm actually  more confident  going  out   for a night out  on the town  dressed,  I only  go out  to  LGBT friendly  areas  (Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual  and Transgender)  I have done the mainstream  areas  (Guy mode)  and  its always  ALWAYS  the  same,   I won't  go in to the  politics  of it, but I do  know, you  know  what  I mean.

 You will find the areas  pubs  clubs  restaurants   I have been,   are  always  a happy and friendly  environment ,  I'm not just saying this  but its  the truth!   

The  only  time  I dress is when  I go  out  for  a night out,  and when I do a makeover, that's it.  

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"OK, so I will chat with him"

That's great and a start, please expect this though, you ask him why? If he says he  doesn't   know the  he actually means that, he's not  hiding   anything, he actually  doesn't know.   He is still finding out himself and is basically asking   you for help and support. Once again trust me I know this  because I have said this myself. 

You will want answers, but how can someone  give you  an answer if  they don't know the answer themselves.  Confusing  isn't it  .

I would  like to finish off by saying, I have only  commented  on my life experiences  and the many  CD's  (Cross dresser) Transvestites and  transsexuals I have had the  pleasure of talking to, and listening to there stories. 

Although  Transsexuals  are  completely different  spectrum  to what  your     husband / fiancee /   boyfriend  / partner / Dad /  Grandfather /  brother /  uncle /  best friend  is.  I could be wrong, I don't know it all and don't pretend that I do.

But I do hope this little write up will   help you and your partner.

Talking  is the key, bottling  up  is unhealthy  for all of you. 

Thank you so much for reading this, and I just hope it will give you just a little  understanding   of  the BEAUTIFUL  kind of world we all live in.

  Jenny  Wave x x 

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